Waterfalls Along The Way

If you are looking to take a relaxing drive to view waterfalls then you have to take a ride along St. Rt. 14 though Montour Falls and Watkins Glen.

When you come into Montour Falls you will want to turn onto W. Main St. This will take you right to Shequaga Falls. Over the years I have seen this waterfall gushing after a heavy rain or down to a low trickle during a dry period. No matter when you go the natural beauty is always on display.

There are a couple of parking places right in front of the waterfall with a 15 minute parking limit. You can easily view it from the road or walk the short distance to view it up close. There are also a couple of benches to sit, relax and take in the scenery.

As you continue down St. Rt. 14 from Montour Falls to Watkins Glen you will see another waterfall right on the main road. As you come around the curve look to your left and there is Aunt Sarah’s Falls.

Typically this fall has a nice flow. But during a heavy rain watch out! It is so close to the road I have seen times when it is churning so much the spray will go over the passing cars.

There is a small, gravel pull off area across the road where you can park to view this waterfall. If you decide to cross the road for a closer look – Be Careful! The curve can make crossing the road a little tricky. I recommend staying on the opposite side and viewing the falls from there.

There are several more small falls along St. Rt. 14 going into Watkins Glen. Make sure you keep your eyes open as you drive by. The more rain the more falls you will see.

Once you come into Watkins Glen you can always stop and visit Watkins Glen State Park. You can’t see these falls while driving by but if you have time the waterfalls in this park are totally worth the hike. I can honestly say out of all the state parks and hikes I have taken over the years Watkins Glen State Park is by far my favorite. The beauty of this park is absolutely breathtaking!

If you prefer to stay in your vehicle for you waterfall viewing then I recommend you continue up St. Rt. 14 into Watkins Glen. If you take a right onto E. 4th St. This will take you past Clute Park on Seneca Lake. While not a waterfall, take the time to enjoy the lake view as you are driving by. I happened to be there as a snow squall was making its way up the lake. It was a beautiful sight to see!

As you continue up E. 4th St / 414 following the lake, the road will split. Make sure you stay to the left following 414. About a mile or so after the split you will see Hector Falls. There are a couple of “pull off” areas on each side of the bridge where you can park to the view the falls. This is not an official parking area so be careful. You will basically be in the road if you get out for a better view of this one.

After looking at Hector Falls make sure you turn around and see the lake. The vast view from this height is spectacular!

I know there are several other falls around the Montour Falls and Watkins Glen area so if you decide to go exploring always be on the lookout. If you do come across others I would love to hear about them. I am always looking for new places to visit!

Thanks for exploring with me – Shelly

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