Hiking into 2020

The beauty of the Finger Lakes region shines year round. Yes I know it can be cold around the lakes but if you bundle up you can get out there and enjoy nature.

This year we joined in on a couple of the First Day Hikes of 2020. This is a fun, family friendly way to burn off those holiday treats and jump start your healthy routine for the new year.

The hikes are guided, inclusive to all skill levels and ages and they are free. With over 50 locations offering hikes you should be able to find one close to you.

We started our morning hike at Catharine Valley Trail. This 3.25 mile walk takes you through the Queen Catharine Wildlife Management Area. The scenery is peaceful and serene with a flat, easy to walk trail. We dressed in layers but once we were moving the temperature was very comfortable. And the softly falling snow add a very pretty touch to the overall view.

Once we finished this hike we headed to Taughannock Falls State Park for their 1:00 First Day Hike.

The trail at Taughannock was very muddy but the breathtaking views of this park make it totally worth it. And they have fire pits all along the trail for you to stop and warm up if needed.

If you decide to go to Taughannock you will defiantly want to bundle up. This trail runs along water and ends at a large waterfall so you will get damp from the mist. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one so put on the proper outdoor gear and hit the trail!

As part of the First Day Hike 2020, the organizers had us gather at the base of Taughannock Waterfall for a group picture. They announced this is the largest First Day Hike not just in NY State but in the country. It was really cool to be part of this amazing hike!

Thanks for exploring with me – Shelly

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