Things are heating up at The Corning Museum of Glass

When cold weather blasts the Finger Lakes region things get hot at the Corning Museum of Glass. 2300 degrees hot!

The third Thursday of each month, Nov. – March, Corning Museum of Glass is the place to be in the Finger Lakes region. And I was there to experience it all first hand for the opening night.

Just walking to the museum will put you in a festive mood. The Christmas lights are glowing and the atmosphere is exciting. When you walk in you will be surrounded by sparkling glass and beautiful scultpures. There is so much to see!

Each month, 2300 degrees features live music, regional fare and live glass making demonstrations by a glass artist. What does it cost to enjoy this amazing event you ask??? Admission is FREE! You do have to pay for your food and drink but you can enjoy the music and experience the glassblowing at no charge.

After checking out some of the items in the gift shop we made our way to the live music area. The room was rocking! And everyone was having a blast.

Of course being at the Corning Museum of Glass my main goal was to see the glassblowing demonstration. This month’s featured artist was Aya Oki. She was making a piece of art that featured bubbles. She made the bubbles by sucking in when the glob of hot glass was put on the large outside piece of glass. With Corning right in my backyard I have gone there a few times and made (with lots of assistance from the actual glass artist) a couple of glass pieces and I can honestly say I never knew this technique even existed. It was really cool to see what she was able to create.

There was an announcer who explained the process step by step so it really brought it all to life as you watched the process. We were told once the piece cools – in a few days – the artist will then cut off the outside pieces leaving the glass bubbles to make a sculpture. I am hoping to get back there soon to see the finished piece. Stay tuned for more to come from the Corning Museum of Glass!

Thanks for exploring with me – Shelly

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