Fun at the Farm

The Finger Lakes region is now full of red, gold and orange colors announcing that fall has truly arrived. To enjoy the full fall experience we recently headed to Smithome Farms.

Nestled between rolling hills on St. Rt. 352 in Big Flats you will find a Corn Maze, Hay Wagon rides and an expansive Pumpkin Patch. Of course my grandson couldn’t wait to jump in and check it all out!

We purchased our tickets to try out everything they had to offer. For the two of us it was under $20 so very affordable for an afternoon of fun.

We started with the Haystack Hunt. He had a blast kicking hay and tunneling through it to find a hidden chip for a prize. Of course he was a winner!

Then it was time for the Duck Race. This cute game is a new one to me. You put your little rubber duck in the plastic tube and use the old fashioned water pump to send the duck flying down the tube and back to the finish line. He loved do this one!

After playing these games we were ready to take on the corn maze. I have to point out it had rained earlier this morning so there was a lot of mud. When you mix mud and a five year old you definately get FUN! We only found three of the eight clues but we laughed, slid and came out a muddy mess! We had a blast!

Now it was time to jump on the hay wagon and go for a ride. This was a perfect opportunity to pick out the biggest pumpkin in the patch. Once the the wagon stopped we hopped off, grabbed a cart and headed out to claim our pumpkin. Of course we ended up with several more along the way!

If you are looking to make some wonderful fall memories with your family head over to Smithome Farms soon. They are open Saturday and Sunday through October so get there soon!

Thanks for exploring with me – Shelly

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