Flying Down A Mountain

Today we decided to go exploring at Greek Peak Ski Resort in Cortland, NY. I know what you are thinking, “Why would you go to a ski resort when there’s no snow on the ground”? Well let me tell you; this place is awesome!

We started with the mountain coaster. This little plastic car can really fly! There is a height requirement for riding by yourself. I barely made it!

The guy running the ride straps you in, tells you the lever is the brake and sends you on your way up the mountain. The ride up is very peaceful and pretty. You can look around at all the fall foliage. I was told I could keep my phone out on the way up but once I see the brown building at the top I have to put it away quick. And they weren’t joking!

Once you crest the top you go down quick! That little, yellow car flies with twists and turns back down the side of the mountain. It is so cool to watch the blur of yellow and golden leaves go flying by.

After the mountain coaster we headed over to the zip line course. You will need reservations to do the zip line. This is a popular one so make sure you sign up a few days in advance. There were 11 people in our group and three guides. They were very entertaining and definitely added to the fun of the adventure.

We started by getting all the safety gear on. There are several harnesses, a helmet and you carry your zip line trolley with you from line to line. To say the least you are loaded down with lots of heavy equipment. Then we head out for the four line course.

The best news is the first line is right outside the door from the prep room. You walk outside and you are there. They hook you on the line and off you go! The ride is awesome! You are flying over the tree tops. It is such an amazing feeling! Until you reach the landing. Be forewarned…when you are coming in for the landing the guide will give you a hand signal to pull your legs up and lean back in your harness because you are going to hit a spring loaded pad that is a jarring, sudden stop. Then you bounce a few times before the guide gets you stopped and unhooked.

To reach the second line we took the “magic carpet” or conveyor belt up the side of the mountain. It’s a slow moving belt but to be honest it is difficult to keep your balance since it is going up hill and you are loaded down with gear. You do have the option of walking up the hill if you want.

Once you reach the top you are at the platform for the next line. This one is longer than the first one so you have more time to enjoy looking at the fall foliage below you as you fly by.

To reach line three its a short hike back to the conveyor belt and then back up the hill. This line is shorter but much faster than the first two. When you land this time you walk down a short platform and you are at the start of Line four.

Line four was by far my favorite. It is the longest one and the highest one. You really get to soar on this one! From start to finish it took almost two hours to complete the four line course. It was such an amazing experience. I highly recommend it you try it!

At the Greek Peak Adventure Center they also offer an Aerial course (High Ropes) and a Eurobungy Trampoline. You can purchase package tickets or pay an individual price for each adventure. You will want to check availability during the winter time.

A tip for you – we found out after we got there on Saturday’s they offered a 20% discount if you wear plaid or flannel. Check online for their specials before you go.

Thanks for exploring with me – Shelly

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