Apple Picking Fun!

The epitome of fall family fun in the Finger Lakes region has to be apple picking so this weekend we loaded up the car and headed off to Reisinger Apple Farm. Located on Apple Lane in Watkins Glen you will find acres of apple trees, over 20 different varieties of apples are available on over 10,000 trees. Make sure you check the schedule to know which apples are ready. You can check their website at to see the list for “Now Picking”. We wanted the Snapdragons which were ripe this past weekend.

To make it easier for roaming around the orchards they have wagons to pull the smaller kids. The older kids will find a cute playground area with plenty of photo opportunities including the obligatory big chair. There are also hay bales just right for climbing all over. Then it is off to pick apples! We strolled through acres of different trees looking for the perfect red, juicy, ripe apple. We found lots! My grandson loved to taste test them as he went. He would give us the thumbs up when he found the perfect one. Then we would pick several from that tree to fill up our bag. I can smell the apple pie baking already!

At Reisinger’s you will find pumpkins, squash, apple cider and much more to go along with your apples. There is even a beautiful flower garden you can walk through and pick flowers to purchase.

If you are looking for a fun family activity this fall you should definitely put apple picking on your list!

A tip for you – after apple picking at Reisinger’s you can go about a mile down the road and see the Elk Park. I have heard for years they will be opening to the public but so far it is still closed. You can however see some of the Elk from the road so it is worth the trip to check it out. Just look at the beauties we spotted this weekend. As my husband likes to say, NICE RACK!

Thanks for exploring with me – Shelly

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