Fall Fun in the Finger Lakes

When the air turns crisp and the breathtaking landscape of the region is transformed into a spectacle of color the Finger Lakes region comes alive with fun fall activities. You will find several places for apple picking with the family, pumpkin farms with lots of activities for the kids and what is quickly becoming popular – Corn Mazes!

This weekend I had a chance to try out my first corn maze at Trinity Valley Dairy Farm in Cortland, NY. This farm is super cute and a great place to spend some quality family time. They have a cute gift shop that is full of home made pastries and pies. After picking out the items to take home we are off to try out our hand in the corn maze.

I will admit I thought it would be a quick, kid type thing to do. Boy was I wrong! First of all the maze is designed to look like a barn with a big silo. I guess if you look at it from up above that is what you see. Hats off to the designer that can pull that off! And it is huge! It spreads out over 7 acres of land. Which happens to run up a hill!

When we paid – $7.00 per person – we were given a trivia card. There are 6 stations inside the corn maze. When you find the station you have to answer the question that corresponds with that station. A tip – if you are with a group don’t assume you all have the same questions. There are a variety of cards.

We entered the maze at 11:15 in search of station #1. After twisting, turning and running into multiple dead ends we finally found it. Then up the hill we hiked to find the rest. Once we found #6 over 45 minutes had gone by. Now it was time to head down hill and back toward the exit. We finally made it out at exactly 1 hour! There is a reward for hiking up a hill, getting lost in a corn maze for an hour to answer your trivia questions. You get a fresh made donut! I do have to admit that was one of the best tasting donuts I have ever eaten! Of course it could have been that I was starving from climbing a hill in the hot sun for the past hour. Whatever the case may be it was melt in your mouth delicious!

They do have other kid activities at Trinity Valley Farm. There are wagon rides pulled by a tractor. A small animal petting area with a couple of adorable goats, sheep and calves. There is an awesome climbing area made out of tractor tires and a nice shaded pavilion to sit, relax and enjoy your day at the farm.

Thanks for exploring with me – Shelly

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