A Day at Seneca Lake Wineries

After yesterday’s exhilarating but exhausting day of exploring the Finger Lakes, today I decided to go for a more relaxing day. If you are looking for laid back, easy going enjoyment it doesn’t get much better than sipping wine while viewing Seneca Lake.

The drive up the left side of Seneca Lake from Watkins Glen is one of the most scenic views you will ever see. Patchwork like swatches of land cover the opposite side as you overlook the lake. The water, dotted with sail boats, sparkles in the sunlight.

We made our first stop at Belhurst Castle for lunch. The food was delicious and the views are phenomenal. We chose to sit outside on the stone patio. They only have five tables outside so we did have a short wait to get a table. If you don’t want to wait they have indoor seating in two different restaurants. Stonecutters is casual dining and Edgar’s Steakhouse is formal. Both offer a castle atmosphere with beautiful woodwork but Edgar’s has more in terms of castle ambience. If you want to enjoy outdoor seating you will need to go to Stonecutters. On a picture perfect day like today, I highly recommend sitting outside and taking in the lake view.

After a relaxing lunch we were off for wine tasting. Seneca Lake offers numerous wineries all featuring a multitude of dry and sweet wines grown and produced right here in the Finger Lakes Region. I chose to start at Seneca Shore Wine Cellars. This winery is known as “Medieval Wines of the Finger Lakes”. The ladies pouring for us told us the story of the Locavore Movement; Eat and Drink Local. A Medieval king knew everyone who grew his grapes and made his wine. His wine was locally grown and locally made by local people. When you walk in you will be greeted by a medieval theme and whimsical creatures. I prefer sweet wine and really liked the Castle Blush.

From here we continued South back toward Watkins Glen. The drive is so peaceful. Be sure to take it all in. To continue our relaxing day we stopped next at Miles Wine Cellars. In my opinion this is the most serene and stately winery in the Finger Lakes. The large columns on the front porch remind me of a Southern Victorian home. It sits high above the lake offering a beautiful lookout view. If you want to get closer to the water they have a boat house bar on the water. My favorite drink here is the wine slushie. Yum! It doesn’t get much better than sipping on a wine slushie while over looking Seneca Lake on a beautiful day.

After relaxing with lunch and wine my next thought is chocolate. I personally like to go to Magnus Ridge Winery just for the chocolate. And oh yeah, the wine is pretty good too! When you walk into Magnus it is like walking into old world France. This winery is elegant and definitely pays extra attention to all the small details. They have large tasting rooms and a cute café. The patio out back is peaceful and relaxing; the perfect place to sip a glass of wine and enjoy their delicious chocolate truffles. It is a perfect way to cap off a relaxing day on Seneca Lake.

Thanks for exploring with me – Shelly

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