Getting our bounce on!

Today was one of the most exciting yet exhausting days I have had in a long time. I took my 4 year old grandson to Party Central at the Arnot Mall in Horseheads. We bounced! We laughed! We rolled around! And so much more!

Party Central recently moved to the old Macy’s building and now only has an outside entrance. It is a little harder to find but it is definitely worth the visit. They have several large bounce houses for kids. And the parents can join in for an additional fee. Although be warned – if you are going to play plan to be sweaty, bruised and pushed to physical exhaustion.

Party Central also offers putt putt golf, arcade games, laser tag and amusement games. The bounce houses and amusement games are included in the regular fee which is $5.00 for up to 30 minutes, $7.50 for 31-60 minutes and $8.75 for 61-120 minutes for kids. The parent fee is slightly lower than the kid pricing. There is an additional fee for putt putt and laser tag. Make sure you bring socks. Shoes are not allowed to bounce but socks are required.

I was pleased to find all the activities are very clean and in good condition. I have been to similar places where that was not the case. The one thing I didn’t care for – and this falls more on the Arnot Mall and not Party Central – the bathrooms are way away from all the activity. You have to go past a curtain into the big, empty Macy’s store. Cross the store and go into a not well lit area that is kind of creepy. But when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Overall if you are looking for a way to let your little one burn off their excess energy this is a great outlet. And if you join in the fun you will make memories to last a lifetime!

The velcro wall

Thank you for exploring with me – Shelly

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