Garlic Knots Galore and much, much more!!!

Tonight I was in Italian heaven! We went to Guiseppe’s in Horseheads. This is a true Italian restaurant with authentic Italian cooks. It you are looking for fancy dining this is not it but if you want delicious Italian you should stop in.

The garlic knots are my favorite. The warm doughy garlic knots dipped in Guiseppe’s homemade sauce is amazing.

They offer a full menu with Italian and American food. The portions are huge! So plan on taking home your leftovers. Plus they have a large selection of wines, many of them from our local wineries. And Yes they do have my favorite wine – Red Cat!

They offer outside seating but the view is just of the parking lot. We always sit inside where you get an Italian atmosphere with the red vinyl seating and Italian music playing. They do occasionally have live music which adds a nice touch.

If you are looking for a good Italian meal or a slice of pizza Guiseppe’s will fill you up for a fair price.

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