Hiking in the Finger Lakes

Fall is quickly approaching. I have started my list of several hikes I am planning to take to absorb the beauty of the Finger Lakes. Walking through the vibrant colors of gold, red and orange leaves is beautiful beyond words. It is truly something you need to experience for yourself.

There are many amazing places to go hiking in upstate New York. The trails vary from challenging to very easy. The Finger Lakes region is rich with waterfalls. The majority of the hikes I have taken are based around seeing the waterfalls but there are some that are trails through the woods with very little water along the way. If you are looking for some suggestions for your own hikes this fall here are five of my favorites.

Robert H Treman in Ithaca – This one is very pretty with many water falls all along the way. It is also one of the harder hiking trails in the area. They even have signs to warn you about all the stairs so just beware.

Stoney Brook in Dansville – This park is very pretty. It is not a hard hike for the most part but at the end of the trail you will find a large amount of stairs. We did climb the stairs and much to our delight… no that would be dismay, there is nothing up there to see. It just leads you to the rim trail which does not offer views of the water. If you are looking for the tranquil water views when you reach the endless wooden stairs turn around and go back for a second look. As a forewarning, wear good shoes for this one. The hiking trail has a lot of broken rocks and steps along the way. The footing can be a little treacherous.

Park Station, Erin – If you are looking for a peaceful nature walk and maybe even kayaking along the way, Park Station is a hidden gem that offers both. This park is tucked away in Erin, NY and tends to be missed by a lot of people. Although the locals love it!

Taughannock Falls – Trumansburg – If you have small kids who want to play in the water, Taughannock Falls is your destination. The hiking trail is very easy so you will find lots of families, young and old, enjoying this park. At the end of the trail you will find one of the most beautiful and tallest waterfalls in the area.

Watkins Glen State Park – If you are looking for beautiful water falls and gorgeous gorges, this is the place. The hike can be slightly challenging so be prepared with the right footwear. You can’t actually get in the water but you do walk right beside it and at times even behind the actual falls. It is a breathtaking experience that is totally worth the exertion. You don’t want to miss this one!

Like I said these are just five of the many amazing hikes you can take in the Finger Lakes region. Please let me know your favorites so I can add them to my list. I will be blogging about each as I visit them this fall so please stay tuned for more to come!

Thank you for exploring with me – Shelly

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