Hiking at Letchworth

It’s Labor Day which means summer is coming to a close. As much as I hate to see summer go I do have to admit Fall in the Finger Lakes is by far my favorite season. In the next few weeks the air will start to be crisper, the leaves will light up the hillsides and the pumpkin patches will open up with all their fun activities.

If you are looking for an outdoor adventure while the weather is still warm but you also want to see the start of the fall leaves I suggest a hike at one of the many parks in our area. I was at Letchworth State Park this weekend. The vast views are breathtaking and the waterfalls are spectacular.

Letchworth was voted America’s #1 State Park and it is easy to see why. The park is well maintained and the paths are easy to walk. If you have someone in your party who is not able to hike you can easily drive right up to each waterfall. There are also clean bathrooms and vending machines all along the way. And if you are looking for more than a snack from the vending machine, they have a couple of nice restaurants in the park.

If you are looking for more of a hiking challenge there are several areas to leave your car and hike throughout the park. Their trails range from moderate to easy with a variety of distances for all hiking levels.

If you are looking for kid friendly activities they have a swimming pool, playground area and lots of picnic tables too.

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