Dansville Hot Air Balloon Festival

Today’s adventure had me floating on a cloud. Vibrant colors filled the sky at sunrise for the Dansville Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival.

The festival is inside the Dansville municipal airport. The cost is only $5.00 a person to get in the gate. They give you a wrist band so you can come and go throughout the day. Which I quickly discovered why.

We arrived at 6:15 am. Gates opened at 6:00 am and the balloons were scheduled to go up shortly after sunrise. I was amazed at how quick they get these mammoth balloons in the air so if you plan to see them take off you need to be there right at sunrise. We made it but we did not have much time to spare.

The excitement begins when the flames start shooting up to heat the air and make the balloon rise. In a matter of minutes the balloon is up, the people jump in the basket and they are in the air. Seeing the sky full of color floating above you is an amazing sight.

But once they float away there is nothing to do until the festival officially kicks off at 10:00 am. At this point is was about 7:30 am. There was a mass exit of the majority of the 200-300 people there. We ended up leaving too. It would have been nice if they had a breakfast area or even some hot chocolate and coffee. And if they have people there why not go ahead and open the arts and craft booths. Don’t let people leave hoping they will come back.

After getting home I discovered a schedule of events that shows an evening balloon launch. If I had known I would have gone to that one…don’t tell my husband please! The evening launch is scheduled for 6:00 pm. Next year I will plan to go to the festival in the afternoon and then watch the evening balloon launch!

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